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Curls to live for

Go big or go home! Unleash your inner diva with Bey Curls or Bey Waves – Our signature curls come in a variety of sizes for any hair type that never disappoint.


This look came highly inspired by none other than Beyonce Knowles – hints the name. As a true hair lover, I get inspiration from a variety of celebrities and industry trends. I love a good curl look! After seeing Beyonce walk the red carpet, I saw the style, put my own spin on it and it is now a client favorite. The signature curls are perfect for date night, prom, or everyday wear. The best part about the style is that it last for up to 2 weeks with little to no maintenance. Bey curls allow women with curly-hair to embrace their natural curls, and women with straight hair to achieve that voluminous curly look to die or live for.

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