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Love is in the hair

As extension experts, we have seen all types of hair used for extensions – the good, the bad, and yes, the ugly. The key to flawless extensions that provide longevity and versatility begins with being particular when the choosing hair.


Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you. Here are the top 5 questions to ask yourself when shopping for quality hair extensions.


What is my lifestyle like? Gym visits, kids and daily routines definitely play a big part into hair selection. If you enjoy getting your workout on, you want hair that is easy to manage, doesn’t frizz up while out on your morning run and can handle the impact of regular sweat. (Sorry there is no better way to say sweat. It happens.) Kids and busy day to day routines will help you select extensions that are easily cared for without day to day maintenance – that we know – most people do not have the time for. So ask yourself, what is my lifestyle like?


Does this hair match my hair type and texture? I am just going to say it… there is no such thing as Malaysian, Eurasian, or Brazilian Hair. No matter what they call it, does the texture match your hair? To achieve a flawless look with hair extensions, you want the hair to look like it is coming out of your scalp. That is nearly impossible to do if the hair doesn’t match your natural hair texture.


Do I want to color the hair? Coloring extensions is the best way to rock a fresh new color without damaging your natural hair. We highly recommend it! However, you probably wouldn’t want to choose jet black hair extensions and then arrive for your appointment requesting blonde balayage. The color wouldn’t lift as well to achieve your final look. If you are unsure how to choose hair for the final color you desire – check with a color specialist. Not only can they help you with extension choice, they can ensure the extension color desired compliments your natural skin tones.


Am I going for Volume, Length or Both? Are you looking for Real Housewives of Dallas hair? Or a more natural everyday look? This is important to know when choosing how many bundles of hair you want to purchase and the appropriate length. Keep in mind for distinct styles you may need to cut extensions purchased to achieve that look. But there is no need to buy 20 inches of hair, if your end goal is a short bob.


How much am I willing to spend? Extensions can be an investment and various brands give you various returns on your investment. If you are a frequent extension wearer, you may want to invest in higher quality extensions that can be reused and reinstalled for long over a year. At the same token, if you plan on wearing extensions for one special occasion and have no intentions of reinstalling, a inexpensive more disposable extension line would be appropriate.  


You’ve got this! These 5 questions are sure to supply you with the answer for the perfect hair extensions for you. Don’t forget to ask for recommendations from other hair lovers or an extension specialist. Happy Shopping!



    October 17, 2018


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